Career Development

Lamprell has a long tradition of sustaining employee development for field to staff and management. We have developed in house training schools, to train our yard employees on specialised tools and processes, as well as safety requirements. Our office members of staff are enrolled on either external training courses or sponsored post graduate university studies.

Across the Group, we have ample case studies of employees who joined Lamprell in a particular position in their department and with continued training and support were able to realise their potential for growth and promotion. The high retention rate in staff and the numerous long service awards both reflect employees; belief in the growth and development opportunities that the Company offers.

Below are two good examples of employees who have benefited from such support and development: 

Neil Millar – (Project Engineer to Vice President)

Neil Millar joined Lamprell in 1999 as a Project Engineer at the Sharjah Facility and shortly thereafter was promoted to Project Manager. In 2002 Neil moved to the then new facility in Jebel Ali as Senior Project Manager and was instrumental in establishing the project management systems for new build projects. Subsequently Neil held the positions of Manager of Projects and General Manager before being appointed as Vice President Jebel Ali in June 2011.

Jerome Joris – (Fabricator to Senior Fabrication Superintendent)

Jerome started with Lamprell many years ago working for us in the yard as a fabricator. Since then Jerome has taken his opportunity for support, development and training. He has gained promotions on a regular basis and is now an essential part of the Hamriyah facility assuming the position of senior fabrication superintendent.