Career Development

Lamprell has a long tradition of supporting employee development from field to admin and management staff.

We have our own in house training school which trains our yard employees on specialised tools and processes, as well as safety training. The Lamprell Assessment and Training Centre (LATC) opened its doors in October 2013 and currently has over 90 courses available covering topics as diverse as leadership, English language, welding, fabrication, electrical and mechanical. Some of the courses have mandatory third party involvement which includes offshore survival, rigging and crane operations. The LATC is responsible for the design and integrity of trade and supervisory assessment methods and materials. All new hire tradesperson candidates are assessed at the LATC, and yard promotions are only approved once candidates have satisfied LATC assessment standards.

Our office staff are regularly enrolled on either external training courses or sponsored postgraduate university studies. Employees are at the centre of our business, and their continued training and welfare are critical to our continued success.

Below are some examples of employees who have benefited from Lamprell’s support and development programs:

Romeo Mariazeta – Subcontracts Coordinator

Years at Lamprell: 32
Country of origin: Philippines

I joined Lamprell in 1985 where I started out as an apprentice engineer. During my free time I learned how to dive and assisted Lamprell with various diving operations in order to enhance my skills. My love for diving was strong and in 1988 I was certified as a commercial diver, where after I worked my way up to become an Inspection Diver, specialising in non-destructive testing. I started working offsite on various subcontracting jobs where I took on the role of Dive Coordinator. I have worked on numerous projects for Lamprell over the years and today I am a Subcontract Coordinator. I enjoy my job, have taken on many new responsibilities over the years and am often multi-tasking which keeps me on my toes and the role interesting. It has been a privilege to watch the company grow and reach its 40 year milestone and I look forward to many more years with Lamprell.

Antony Alphonse - Construction Manager – New Build Rigs

Years at Lamprell: 16
Country of origin: India

I joined Lamprell as a fabricator and over the years have progressed to a Construction Manager role, which has been an amazing and very rewarding experience. Throughout the years, Lamprell has provided me with training and the capacity to grow in an environment of increasing demands and complexity. I am proud of how far I have come and I encourage my team to pursue career development opportunities within the company for their continued professional growth.

Emileo Singh – HSES Coordinator

Years at Lamprell: 14
Country of origin: India

To me, working at Lamprell is like being part of a family and I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the Company. As a safety professional, it gives me great satisfaction being in a role where I can make a positive difference, ensuring our employees go home safely at the end of the day.