Land rig services covers a wide variety of projects and services related to onshore drilling rigs, oilfield service companies and drilling equipment refurbishment. This business unit operates from facilities in Hamriyah, Jebel Ali and Dubai Investments Park, as well as providing field services as required.

Scope of Work

  • New build land rigs
  • Land rig refurbishment, upgrade and recertification
  • Land and offshore drilling rig rotary equipment inspection and overhaul
  • Land camp construction and refurbishment
  • Site deployment of personnel worldwide
  • Engineering and fabrication of structural & piping packages and machined items

Lamprell’s Proprietary Land Rig

Lamprell designed, built and successfully completed its first proprietary land rig, “LAM2K”, in 2016. The unit is a 2,000hp AC fast moving rig that meets API 4F 4th edition and Saudi Aramco’s schedule G requirements. The rig also complies with multiple regional drilling contractor and operator specifications including dropped object retention standards. The rig has the capability to ‘walk’ with a built-in system as well as the option to be mounted onto wheel dollies for quick moves in multiple configurations. The rig allows for both the mast and substructure to remain raised, or alternatively for the mast to move as a separate unit with all equipment secured.


  • API Q1 9th Edition- Hamriyah
  • ISO 9001: 2015 (API) - Hamriyah

Land rig services also have the following monogram licenses:

  • API 4F (drilling and well servicing structures) – Hamriyah, Jebel Ali and DIP
  • API 8C & 7K (drilling and production hoisting equipment refurbishment) – Hamriyah
  • API 2C (offshore pedestal mounted cranes) – Hamriyah
  • API 16C (rigid choke and kill lines) – Hamriyah
  • API 16D (control systems for drilling well control equipment and control systems for diverter equipment) – Hamriyah