Corporate Responsibility ("CSR")

Lamprell is a socially responsible employer and is committed to maintaining the highest health, safety and environmental standards. We are committed to developing and improving our policies and procedures for the management of safety, the environment and protection of the welfare of our employees.

Key focus areas for the Group include:

  • To maintain and improve upon HSE performance
  • To continue to recognise the multicultural nature of our employees and clients
  • Ensuring a high level of awareness and ownership of HSE amongst sub contractors

Employee welfare

Lamprell was presented with the Daman-sponsored award for most improved corporate health and wellness performance for the third successive year in 2016. Given our previous successes in this category, it proved to be harder to demonstrate our continued progression in this field but we were again successful because of our efforts to improve employee welfare through: extensive employee health screening; our annual heat stress campaign; the regular health education and awareness talks; the Government-approved doctors and clinics in our yards; the medical facilities in our camps; our employee sports and social programme including sports days and long service awards; and the improvements in yard absenteeism achieved in 2016. These developments were implemented as a result of a concerted and coordinated effort of many Lamprell employees and are a tribute to their dedication and commitment to employee welfare. Other highlights in 2016 included Lamprell’s newly launched talent show, “Lamprell’s Got Brains”, which was a huge hit with employees; as well as achieving 9th place out of a total of 43 teams at Dubai’s corporate relay race, the Dubai Dash.




Corporate social responsibility

Lamprell understands that the sustainability of business operations is achieved in part through the implementation of a robust Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) framework and that such a CSR framework is vital to the long-term value proposition of the Company. In 2016, the Company continued to support the Don Bosco Snehalaya shelter in Baroda,
India through a financial donation of USD 10,000 and an apprenticeship programme that takes underprivileged children and provides craft training. Three graduates of this programme started working with Lamprell in early 2016 and continue
to do so.