Corporate Responsibility ("CSR")

Lamprell is a socially responsible employer and is committed to maintaining the highest health, safety and environmental standards. We are committed to developing and improving our policies and procedures for the management of safety, the environment and protection of the welfare of our employees.

Key focus areas for the Group include:

  • To maintain and improve upon HSE performance
  • To continue to recognise the multicultural nature of our employees and clients
  • Ensuring a high level of awareness and ownership of HSE amongst sub contractors

Employee welfare

Our core values include integrity and teamwork and 2015 was another landmark year for employee welfare which continues to be centred on these values. In November 2015 Lamprell received a major regional award for the second year in succession, for the “Most Improved Corporate Health and Wellness Performance” at the Daman Corporate Health Awards in Dubai. The Group was recognised for executing new initiatives such as health awareness campaigns on diabetes, breast cancer, heat stress, cholesterol management and dental and oral hygiene. In addition, almost 2,000 employees underwent basic health screening and were provided with their personal follow up health report. In March 2015, the Company conducted an Employee Engagement Survey which provided valuable feedback from over 1,000 office-based employees, of whom 99% expressed their pride in working for Lamprell.

We also recognise the importance of a good work-life balance and encourage employees to participate in a variety of internal sports tournaments and leisure activities which we organise each year. They included basketball, cricket, football, badminton and bowling tournaments as well as our employee talent show – “Lamprell’s Got Talent”. In terms of staff training and development, the Company supports both professional and trade development. The Lamprell Assessment and Training Centre currently has over 90 individual courses available covering topics as diverse as leadership, English language, welding, fabrication, electrical and mechanical. Some of the courses have mandatory third party involvement including offshore survival, rigging and crane operations.




Corporate social responsibility

Lamprell understands that the sustainability of business operations is achieved in part through the implementation of a robust Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) framework and that such a CSR framework is vital to the long-term value proposition of the Company. In 2015, the Company continued to support the Don Bosco Snehalaya shelter in Baroda, India through an apprenticeship programme that takes underprivileged children and provides craft training. Three graduates of this programme started work with Lamprell in early 2016. Lamprell is in the process of developing KPIs around an organisational CSR framework with completion planned in 2016.