HSES Commitment

Safety is a fundamental value within Lamprell and a strong Health and Safety culture exists within the Group. This is led by a dedicated and pro-active management team who maintain the highest levels of visibility and commitment within our business. The welfare, safety and security of everyone who works for us is critical to the success of our business. The health and safety of the public and communities who may be affected by our business activities are also important. We continuously build on our safety awareness and safety intervention programmes and in 2013 we opened the Lamprell Assessment and Training Centre (LATC) within our Sharjah facility which has over 90 individual courses available, many of them focused on safety within the workplace.

Lamprell’s proactive approach to HSES management ensures continuous and sustainable HSES improvement across all business streams. Protection of our environment is one of the cornerstones of our operating philosophy and our policy is to strive to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance. We are committed to preventing all forms of pollution and reducing the overall impact of our operations on the environment.

Lamprell HSES Policy



Sustainability at Lamprell

At the core of our commitment to sustainability is a belief that a healthy and motivated workforce, operating in an environment that promotes our core values of accountability and integrity, is a key contributor to delivering a sustainable, predictable and profitable performance by the organisation. For this reason, we actively promote employee wellness by increasing health risk awareness and taking steps to ensure that our employees and their families have continuous access to high standards of medical care.

Lamprell recognises that fair and transparent business practices increase the long-term value of the Company and that, through the efficient use of our resources, this benefits all stakeholders including our clients who rightly demand continuous improvements in safety, environmental and compliance standards in our operations. Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through our efforts and achievements in mitigating our impact on the environment, ensuring that we have effective and embedded risk management processes, and in developing our multi-cultural workforce through training programmes and the use of key performance indicators. We recognise employee loyalty through a long service award programme and we actively engage our workforce in generating ideas to improve our performance through our ‘Bright Ideas’ scheme. We take economic, social and environmental factors into account in our day-to-day decision-making as well as our long-term planning as we look to structure the business for future growth.

Our sustainability pillars