Effective and compliant environmental management remains a cornerstone of Lamprell’s operations. To drive this, we are using a standardised reporting regime, which enables timely and accurate measurement of all major environmental impacts from Group activities. A number of environmental management improvements were made possible through initiatives such as the realignment of Lamprell compressors to maximise efficiency and the replacement of some diesel-powered cranes. In 2015, a total of nine overhead electric gantry cranes were installed at our Sharjah and Hamriyah facilities to replace some of the diesel-powered crawler cranes.

Throughout 2016 Lamprell continued to reduce the overall environmental footprint of Company operations through a number of sustainability initiatives. These initiatives, focused primarily around water and energy conservation, were implemented through the roll out of awareness campaigns covering ‘sustainable air conditioning usage’, ‘water use conservation’ and ‘electricity wastage prevention’. We achieved a ‘C’ score from the regulatory body that manages the Carbon Disclosure Project, compared to 2015’s ‘E’ score, meaning that Lamprell continues to improve on its emissions tracking, reporting and reduction systems.

We were also fully compliant with environmental regulations including the UAE Federal Law 24 for the Protection and Development of the Environment and international agreements such as MARPOL which is the international convention for the prevention of pollution from ships. In addition, Lamprell successfully reduced gross CO2e emissions from our operations in 2016 for the third consecutive year, as demonstrated by the graph below:

As per Lamprell’s Environmental Policy, the company will ensure compliance with all applicable international, national, local and port authority environmental regulations. The Company has also been successful in reducing the intensity of emissions as measured per manhour worked. In 2016 emissions per manhour worked fell by 5.67% from the previous year. As a result of these efforts, Lamprell is able to pursue its strategic objectives while ensuring protection of the environment.

To help protect the environment from any unintended hazardous material spills, in 2016 Lamprell started the process of replacing old portable diesel tanks with new environmentally friendly models. The new ‘Envirotanks’ contain two elements, a smaller tank within a slightly larger tank. If either the external or internal wall of the smaller tank is damaged or corroded, no diesel will leak out as it safely contained inside.