Our Key Strengths

Our goal at Lamprell is to build a sustainable business that will benefit all of our stakeholders for years to come. Using the key strengths of first-class safety and quality, reliability, client satisfaction, a highly skilled workforce and our strategic location as the foundation of our business, we pursue opportunities to improve our performance, to minimise our impact on the environment and to contribute to the well-being of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

The Directors consider Lamprell’s key strengths to include the following:

First class safety and quality

Lamprell has a strong commitment to health, safety, environment and security and is committed to continuously improving the safety performance of our employees and contractors.


Lamprell has a proven reputation for quality standards and the delivery of competitive products. We have a strong track record in our core markets for completing projects on time, to specification and on budget. This has enabled us to diversify our pipeline.

Client satisfaction

Lamprell is committed to customer service and close client relationships throughout the project lifecycle. This has resulted in strong support from our major clients and a proud record of repeat business.

Skilled workforce

Lamprell has a strong leadership team focused on delivering the Company’s strategy. We value our highly skilled, dedicated and flexible workforce and invest in their continued development to ensure excellent project delivery. Our access to a highly skilled, cost competitive workforce from Asia supports a competitive cost structure.

Strategic location

Lamprell is advantageously located and has excellent facilities including over 800,000m2 of fabrication space and almost 2km of deep water quayside access.