HVAC and HVDC platforms and


HVAC and HVDC platforms and jackets

High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) and High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) platforms and jackets are part of Lamprell’s future Renewables strategy, and the Company is actively targeting and bidding on these projects.

HVAC/HVDC offshore converter platforms are used for the efficient transfer of electrical energy from offshore wind turbines to land. The alternating current that is produced is converted to direct current power at the HVDC platform, which is necessary to transport energy over great distances. HVAC/HVDC offshore jackets are used to support the platforms and sit mostly under the seabed.

Lamprell has the technology, manpower and facilities to fabricate these structures. Our multi-talented engineers, skilled labour workforce and highly experienced management team have successfully transferred their skills and knowledge across the energy industry from our traditional Oil & Gas market into Renewables, having delivered many similar complex modules and platforms.